Welcome to Shannon Lynn Art

Welcome to Shannon Lynn Art


Artist Bio

 Shannon Lynn is a Canadian artist currently living and working in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Shannon is the Director of Maketing and an interm Visual Arts Instructor at a McKenzie College. She is a commission artist in her free time, and has completed many large-scale murals throughout the Moncton area.  Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Shannon began painting at a very young age.  After graduating from Saint Mary’s University with a Commerce Degree, she attended McKenzie College where she studied Visual Arts.  During that time she began to explore many new mediums and subject matter.  She is forever experimenting with new styles of art, researching new themes and techniques, and incorporating new ideas into her practice.   

Artist Statement

  My artwork is a reflection of the way I experience the world around me. I draw inspiration from the dreamy Atlantic Canadian landscape, the places I discover, and people that mean the most to me. I enjoy exploring themes like memory and nostalgia, reimagining old family photos and collecting fragments of the past.  

Although my life long passion has been painting I love experimenting with new art mediums and challenging myself to try new things.  I enjoy doing commission work, creating accessible one-of-a-kind pieces for people who want to have their own special moments frozen in time. I am very honored to have been involved with multiple weddings creating unique event décor pieces, backdrops, and other items that help to create magical, whimsical atmospheres.  If you can dream it, we can do it!